Hey there, Emily here - I'm the namesake owner of Geraghty Creative - a video  &  photo production company and creative agency. I'm a filmmaker, a photographer, a journalist...a creator :) 

With my talented all-women team, Geraghty Creative makes videos from start to finish in our midtown Manhattan 855 sq foot studio and post production facility. We have Sony cine and still cameras, lenses, lights, audio gear - the whole package.

The videos on this site are projects I've made with my team, videos I've made since going solo in 2018, or projects I saw through from soup-to-nuts while I was on staff at Conde Nast and Bustle. I was also an editor for a reality TV production house and a Production Coordinator for MTV once upon a time.

Throughout my career I've specialized in making short documentaries, editorial and commercial video for women's brands, and post-production. 

Check us out, and reach out if you think we can work together!